Tom Macgregor

Managing Director | Maidstone

About Tom

Looking to find that career path I found myself moving from one industry to another, until I found the Tunbridge Wells ROOMS®, here, I helped Iain and Kaye initially with the odd jobs. Over time I covered all the jobs required to successfully run a ROOMS® business and office. Now I've found my career path, loving every aspect (well nearly every) of working in this business,  

Fast forward a year or so, and the opportunity comes along to not only work for the ROOMS® business but actually to run my own ROOMS® franchise. As I already knew this business inside and out and knew the success that Tunbridge Wells and the other franchise partners were achieving, it was a no brainer to jump in with both feet.

Ill be ensuring the experience, the values adhered to, the attention to detail expected and the exceptional customer service I've learned already working at ROOMS®,  will be put to work fully and successfully in my own business in Maidstone.


History, trampolining with my 2 year old son, watching horror movies with my partner and computers.

Hiddent Talents

Calmness - So many times I've seen people get flustered or start shouting; that approach always makes everything worse.  Calmly salvaging and solving the situation is a better approach to me.

If I won the lottery

The first thing that came to mind was do something utterly pointless like have an ice rink built on the moon, but the reality is I'd be really boring and buy a massive house somewhere out of the way for my family, and then invest the remaining funds into property.

Life Balance

Every few months I like to sneak away to a metal or rock concert, but if I'm not working I'm usually looking after my children.