Mekonen Peirce

Managing Director | Maidenhead

About Mekonen

Having worked in a start-up company as my first job before I even knew the term ‘start-up’ existed. I have experienced many escapades on my own and along-side others. This lead to finding a model that worked in property investing in 2006 which allowed a certain level of lifestyle in my 20s.

Always believing there was more to life and passion for all things Asia, I then jumped on a plane to Hong Kong in 2011. Before long I was fortunate to partner with an old friend and set up an eCommerce company, from there we built a subscription snack delivery company with 5000 customers and luxury handbag brand. Every aspect of each business from concept to customer service was developed and managed in-house.

Seeing an opportunity within the room rental and studio living sector I relocated to the UK in late 2015. Joining the ROOMS franchise has given me the chance to execute on the opportunity.


Ethiopia, Muay Thai kickboxing, Hong Kong, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, efficiency through technology, Edge of space experience.

Hiddent Talents

Some talents are so hidden I’m still discovering them

If I won the lottery

Enjoy the moment, and then reinvest the rest into evergreen investments and a castle close to Naples.

Life Balance

Thinking about the bigger picture, mini days out and enjoying lovely homemade Italian cuisine (I chop the peppers, very well).