Iain English

Joint CEO & Managing Director (ROOMS®) | Tunbridge Wells

About Iain

I’ve always had an excitement about business and developing opportunities. It started at the age of 8, when I began a little business selling cut flowers on the side of the road along with buying and selling second hand bicycles and Scalextric sets. I did that for years, and it funded all of my childhood interests.

I had the bug and since then have lead an enterprising career working in my own businesses in a number of different sectors. In my mid 20’s I set up and grew a bespoke furniture and joinery company supplying luxury items into high end London property developments. In the mid 2000’s I set up and grew a design & marketing agency, providing design services to retail and manufacturing businesses both on and offline.

The credit crunch cut deep and as the down turn took a hold we suffered. It was harsh and painful and I had to take a long hard look at my options and opportunities.

It was from this point in 2012 that the pioneer franchise for ROOMS® germinated and work began in earnest to develop the business model.


 History, architecture, cycling, technology & business

Hiddent Talents

Determination. I just don’t give up. It is the one trait which I believe has earned me the greatest rewards. I see the best in people and find myself liking most who I meet. I confess it now, I am an optimist.

If I won the lottery

I get great satisfaction helping people realise dreams and nothing would be more exciting than to set up a venture capital business to work with up and coming talent and give the crucial backing and support they need.

Life Balance

I have a great interest in architecture and furniture, and love to visit museums and heritage sites to see how the best in their field used to do things. I go on lots of short trips around the UK and Europe which always involve reading up on the local history and slotting that into a growing knowledge of European history. I am not much of a sportsman, but the one thing I do love is cycling. A few years ago I cycled with a couple of friends to Germany and it really wasn’t that difficult. I’d like to go on a 6 month road trip by bicycle through Scandinavia and in particular, Lapland. You would be surprised how far you can get on a bicycle once you decide cycling is the only thing you are going to do with your day.