Emily Sturge

Managing Director | Ealing

About Emily

My passion for property developed during my career in the financial Services industry which I left just before the financial crisis in 2008. Since then I have acquired an MBA at Imperial College and have worked with award-winning start-ups and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. I knew I wanted to do my own thing but I just wasn’t sure what until I was introduced to the ROOMS® franchise and I knew I had found the right fit. The franchisers Iain and Gary have a wealth of experience in the industry and are professional, trustworthy and charming to boot! I believe the people make the business and they are a clear indicator that this franchise is in expert hands.

I have years of experience managing rental property in London and have become passionate about the London housing crisis which is forcing so many people to rent/ seek alternative accommodation solutions. I believe ROOMS® is one of the answers to the increasing demand for professionally-run multi-let properties and I am excited to be a part of the journey as we gain traction across the country. I cover certain areas in West London (Ealing and Chiswick, with Acton, Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush to follow. 

I am proud of the fact that client care has always been at the core of my work ethos and I prioritise this in all my dealings – whether with tenants. landlords or property investors. I like to see everyone happy!


Yoga, running, football (if my nephews are playing!), travelling, reading, theatre and cinema (passionate about the independent film company Curzon who I worked for).

Hiddent Talents

Writing short stories, charity/social enterprise business consulting/cooking and baking the best brownies you’ve tasted!

If I won the lottery

Three things come to mind immediately;

  1. Taking a trip with my family to Sturge town in Jamaica, named after my relative Joseph Sturge*
  2. Buy a place for my folks in a warm climate so they can escape in winter (they both suffer) and my friends can use the rest of the year
  3. Set up a social enterprise to aid the disadvantaged in and around Sturge Town in Jamaica

*Joseph Sturge (1793 –1859)  founded the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society and in Jamaica he helped found Free Villages to provide living quarters for freed slaves – one was named “Sturge Town” in his memory

Life Balance

I I like to practice yoga and/or go running as much as I can. Socially I’ll be hanging out with friends and family (I adore looking after my 5 nephews – but not all at once!). Otherwise, I’ll be feeding my addictions to film, music, great food and wine,  and when I can, I love to travel and explore new places – next stop Mozambique.