Anthony Lister

Managing Director | Southend On Sea

About Anthony

I’ve worked in the Insurance industry in London for over 20 years as a Lloyd’s broker. This role has encompassed every day contact with people in order to sell the business and more importantly myself as someone that is honest, confident in making decisions and someone people wish to transact with.

I’ve always had an interest in property due to the environment I was brought up with through both my father and grandfather, who have frequently invested and managed property.

I met Iain at a Property Networking meeting that I attended in 2013 and since then we’ve had regular contact with each other, this included a very successful investment in an HMO which highlighted Iain as someone who was very trustworthy and determined in his business approach.

Upon discussing the franchise with Iain and Gary back in July 2017, I’ve felt that the franchise was a great opportunity to take the next step in my life and build a business with the backing of two experienced and passionate people behind me.


Cooking, modern history, rugby, travel

Hiddent Talents

Self-Motivation. Once I’ve made a decision I follow it through to completion.

If I won the lottery

  1. Reinvest into my Property business
  2. Spend some extended time and investment in Wildlife projects in Africa. I’ve been to South Africa and Tanzania
  3. Buy a property in Rural Spain which I would spend up to 3 months of the year in, I love the culture, food and language

Life Balance

I like to keep fit and try to attend boot camps as much as I can. I’m also a keen golfer and would like to keep ticking that handicap down! Socially I like to visit friends around the UK, if I can I’d like to sign a few of them up for a cricket or rugby tour in the near future