eliminate rental voids and enjoy having your property fully managed


Being a landlord can sometimes feel like a bit of a trial but renting to  ROOMS® has some very attractive benefits

How would you like to have a guaranteed rent from your property for up to 5 years, no fees and no set up charges, all fully managed, with no headaches?The way in which we work is designed to be beneficial for you financially, but also from a management/nuisance point of view. Here is a list of bullet points to summarise how we like to do business:

  • We are interested in renting your property for a minimum of 12 months, but also like to agree longer terms for added security
  • We guarantee the rent over the period, meaning you will have no voids and we always pay on time
  • We do not charge any fees to the landlord
  • We fully manage our properties
  • We look after all minor maintenance and repair issues, using our own maintenance team, at no cost to yourselves
  • When we take on a new property we give it a light refurbishment and keep it looking good for our tenants at no cost to you
  • There is no need for an agent, as we fully vet all of our professional tenants, manage referencing and deposits, and visit the property regularly throughout the month.

ROOMS® is actively seeking to increase its property portfolio and is interested to hear from landlords who want a trouble free and rent guaranteed rental agreement.


We are able to offer great investment opportunities from our high yield business strategy and are actively seeking individuals for future joint ventures. As an alternative to low rates of interest in traditional savings accounts, we have investment deals which offer a secure and much more attractive financial return.