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Kaye Heasman

Office Manager | Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone

School wasn’t my strong point, but once I got out into the real world, it was to find that I loved learning new things and taking on resoponibility wherever I got the chance.

I spent many years working in management roles for a large pub chain. My gluttony for punishement saw my role evolve into trouble shooter for outlets which were under-performing. It was great to go in, assess where the issues lay and then plug the gaps and juggle things about to turn things around.

I enjoy working with people very much and have a secret love of all things financial and spreadsheet related. It was this combination of interests which fitted well with the role of property and lettings manager at ROOMS®

Since working at the company I have gone on lots of courses and become a fully accredited lettings agent; it is a non stop job which keeps me busy which I thrive on.

HIDDEN TALENTS As one of seven children home life was mayhem, and to get what I wanted required the development of quiet determination. It stands me in good stead to this day

IF I WON THE LOTTERY Move abroad some where really hot. Only trouble is my partner would like to move somewhere cold, so that might be tricky! Buy a big house in the middle of nowhere and put the children into private education. Share some of it out with my brothers and sisters .Invest in ROOMS®

INTERESTS I read a lot (when I get the chance), Live pub music

WHEN I”M NOT WORKING With three boys, under the age of 7, if I’m not working, I’m being mum and managing all that that entails, which tends to be a fast cycle of dinner, baths, bedtime for the kids with mine following soon after.