In all the hundreds and probably thousands of communications that end up in my inbox, facebook page and twitter feed, it takes a lot to make me take notice, let alone be interested. So when this email message turned up a few days ago, I was surprised to find that something made me read on, I think it was the direct message from the sender and his extremely bold claim.

“I just spent the past 5 hours putting it together and truly believe that the message it contains has the power to shape every remaining day of your life”.

I followed the link in the email and read this post by Gary Ryan Blair. It boils down to the important statement for anyone who wants to achieve big, bold and successful dreams…“Take action now”. The difference, though, is his insight into why we miss out and his solutions to make sure we never miss out. To me, it makes sense and really hit the spot.

I meet people dreaming of opening their own business every week. Nearly all of them have had that ambition for more than a year and most have been planning it for many. Some have decided to buy a franchise and some have opened their own independent business. Sadly, the majority are still thinking and dreaming about it; could there be something in Gary Ryan Blair’s post that will inspire them to actually make it happen in 2017.

Maybe I can help you. If you are still dreaming about opening your own business, come and talk to me about your ambitions, let’s see if I and the ROOMS® team can help you achieve them in 2017.